Adelaide Radelaide

I have just started a PhD and will spend 2 years of it in Adelaide, wine capital of Australia. Now that I have been living here for 3 months I think it’s time to actually start blogging about it! Grant you, it’s not the busiest of cities, but it’s a very relaxed, friendly place. In the first month of my PhD here, I spent most of my days reading papers and writing my research proposal. Now my experiment is underway, and everything is looking pretty rosy!

In my spare time, I have wandered the streets of the city centre and the surrounding suburbs. One thing you can’t ignore is how quiet and peaceful they are, with their beautiful old colonial houses. They basically mirror the whole vibe of Adelaide, as a lazy city. In February, the city started to wake from its summer daze, with the month-long Adelaide Fringe Festival, which pretty much mirrors the Edinburgh Fringe, but with better weather! It started off with a float parade through the city, flashing lights, dancing, live music and people in rubber rings. One day in the city, I managed to get free tickets to see a hilarious parody show of the classic film ‘Jurassic Park’! It’s pretty cool wandering the city centre and coming across pop-up theatre performances – a good way to discover shows you really want to see.


Jurassic Park parody – a must see! Photo credit O.Cousins

Of course, being in Australia, you have to go to the beach. The beaches here are gorgeous, with soft white sand, blue-green waters. I went snorkelling at Port Noarlunga, where they have a jetty you can jump off and be surrounded by fish feeding on bread that ignorant tourists throw in. It tickles when they swim by you! I have been introduced to the typical Aussie BBQ, explored the fresh food markets, cycled 15 miles to and from a beach on a 38°C day, tasted wine made at the University of Adelaide, Waite campus, and even learnt how to make homemade beer. One night, I went to Adelaide Botanic Garden to join the queue of photographers waiting to see the flowering titan arum, which only flowers for 48 hours. It was rather like a celebrity event!

Titan arum. Photo credit O.Cousins
Port Noarlunga. Photo credit O.Cousins


Any more spare time I get, I shall take the opportunity to travel to the Adelaide Hills and wine regions, Kangaroo Island, and even further afield, to Melbourne, Sydney, Ayers Rocks, and the Great Barrier Reef. The sad thing is, even in two years, I could never explore everywhere I want to, but still it is a country that fascinates me and I shall have more adventurous stories to tell soon!

Stay tuned 🙂

Olivia #workhardplayhard


2 thoughts on “Adelaide Radelaide

  1. Great post Olivia! I’ll stay tunned with your experiences and words. I hope I can go back to this amazing country soon. Good luck with your PhD life !

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